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Despite existing employment and labor laws in the State of California, many employees are still subjected to unfair treatment in the workplace. Because of the continuous discrimination and harassment at work, they experience difficulty performing their duties and responsibilities. Aside from these, some are deprived of minimum and overtime wages, while others are not given their required meal and rest breaks. Generally, employees are protected under federal and state laws from their employers’ adverse actions that are discriminatory in action; however, some of them do not fully understand their rights. Others may have an idea of their basic employee rights, but because of fear for their job security, they are unable to file charges or complaints against their employers. If you have been in such a tough situation in the workplace, then it is in your best interest to consult with a top employment and labor law firm in California.

It is very difficult to handle unfair treatment and discrimination in the workplace, especially if you are at the receiving end of it. This is why our employment law firm in California will do its best to defend your rights against your erring employer. With decades of experience in actively pursuing and aggressively handling our clients’ cases, our best California labor law firm will make sure that you will be well-represented and your claim will result in the best outcome possible.

Our Practice Areas

Our top employment and labor law firm in California is dedicated to protecting your employee rights, as we represent client-employees in several employment issues and disputes such as the following:

·      Racial discrimination. Our top California race discrimination attorneys are capable of handling cases of unfair treatment and harassment on the basis of one’s race. Whether you are verbally subjected to discrimination, unlawfully terminated, or refused a job position because of your race, then you must consider hiring the services of our law firm.

·       Gender discrimination. California employment laws dictate that you cannot be discriminated, harassed, or retaliated against by your employer because of your gender. Specifically, you cannot be subjected to such unfair treatment in the workplace based on how you identify and express yourself based on your gender.

·       Religious discrimination. Both federal and state laws prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of one’s religion. In California, such laws have been expanded to include religion-based grooming and dressing practices. In other words, your employer must not deny you reasonable accommodation, which is to wear or groom yourself in accordance with your religious beliefs.

·         Sexual harassment. This form of workplace harassment is one of the most common in the realm of California employment. If you have been sexually harassed by your employer in any form—verbal, physical, or visual—or have been offered employment advancement in exchange for a sexual favor, do not hesitate to consult our sexual harassment lawyers in California.

·    Wrongful termination. This adverse employment action is often done in retaliation for complaining about a certain discrimination or harassment done to you by your immediate superior or co-worker. This also happens if you exercise a certain employee right, such as asking for reasonable accommodations. Our California wrongful termination attorneys will do their best to represent you and obtain justice that you deserve.

·    Employment harassment. Aside from sexual harassment, other forms of employment harassment often involve one’s race, age, nation of origin, disability, and other protected characteristics. If you were verbally harassed by your employer or co-worker, you must seek an employment law firm in California that can provide you with the best representation for your employment harassment case.

Practice Locations

In finding an employment and labor law firm that can expertly handle your claim, it would be advantageous if you choose one that has satellite offices aside from its main office. That way, you can easily consult the law firm wherever you are in Southern California. Our employment law firm in California can be found in these following practice locations:

·     Los Angeles and Santa Monica. Our Los Angeles employment law firm is one of our law firm’s main offices, which also includes our Santa Monica employment law firm. Both are accessible to clients who have claims of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation in Southern California.

·    Beverly Hills, Lawndale, Van Nuys, and Glendale. The Beverly Hills employment law firm, Lawndale employment law firm, Van Nuys employment law firm, and Glendale employment law firm are the satellite offices. If ever you cannot access the main offices, it helps that you can easily go to these offices so that you can submit your claims and consult with our expert and experienced employment and labor lawyers in California.

Contact our employment and labor lawyers at Mesriani Law Group

By contacting our best employment and labor lawyers, your claim will result in the best settlement possible. Our law firm will assist you in securing the needed remedies to cover whatever losses you incurred. Depending on the nature and circumstances involving your employment and labor issue, our top employment lawyers in California will help you recover damages in compensation for the wages and future earnings you lost, as well as actual damages resulting from your pain and suffering and emotional distress you experienced because of your employer’s adverse actions.

You don’t have to worry about the financial costs of hiring a lawyer, since our California employment law firm works on a contingency-based representation with a “No-Win, No Fee” guarantee. This means that you wont have to pay us anything unless we successfully win your case on your behalf.

Assert your rights if you believe you are being taken advantage of by your employer. Do not hesitate to call the Mesriani Law Group’s expert employment law attorney at (866) 998-2545 to avail of our Free Case Evaluation. Or, you may send us an e-mail at rodney@mesriani.com and we will discuss your claim free of charge.

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